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Abortion Limits in Northern Ireland to Be Fought

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, MAY 30, 2001 ( Restrictions on abortion in Northern Ireland will be challenged for the first time in the high court here next month, the Guardian newspaper of London reported.

35 Christians Arrested in China

BEIJING, MAY 30, 2001 ( At least 35 people were arrested recently in Inner Mongolia for holding a clandestine Christian meeting, considered an “illegal religious activity.”

6,000 Join Warm-Up Event for World Youth Day

TORONTO, MAY 30, 2001 ( In a warm-up to World Youth Day 2002, about 6,000 people, many of them youths, met Sunday at Marylake Shrine, at the invitation of Cardinal Aloysius Ambrozic.

Church Pays 120 Nazi-Era Laborers

BERLIN, MAY 29, 2001 ( The Catholic Church has paid $2,500 each to 120 people in Poland, Russia and Ukraine who were forced by the Nazis to work for Church institutions.

Sex-Selective Abortions Spawning “Bachelor Villages”

BEIJING, MAY 29, 2001 ( Cheap, Chinese-made ultrasound machines that detect the gender of unborn babies are leading to an increase in sex-selective abortions and a boom in the male population of rural villages, the Washington Post reports.