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Prosecutor in Gerardi Case Flees Guatemala

GUATEMALA CITY, JULY 31, 2001 ( The main prosecutor in the case of three army officers and a priest who were convicted of murdering Bishop Juan José Gerardi Conedera has fled the country because of death threats, Attorney General Adolfo González Rodas said Monday.

Retrial Ordered in Massacre of Copts

CAIRO, Egypt, JULY 31, 2001 ( A court has ordered the retrial of 96 Muslims accused of the massacre in el-Kosheh of 20 Coptic Christians and a Muslim in January 2000. The court considers the verdict given last February as too lenient.

Nuncio Backs Easing of Movement on U.S.-Mexico Border

MONTERREY, Mexico, JULY 29, 2001 ( The apostolic nuncio in Mexico supports U.S. President George W. Bush´s initiatives to grant amnesty to illegal Mexican immigrants, and to allow free movement on the border between the two countries.

Ecuador Is Recovering, Bishop Says

QUITO, Ecuador, JULY 29, 2001 ( Ecuador is like a patient who is showing signs of recovery, says the secretary of the nation´s Catholic bishops´ conference.