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A Priest and a Chemin Neuf Executive Are Mourned

CAIRO, Egypt, AUG. 31, 2003 ( A funeral service was held here for a priest and an executive of the French ecclesiastical movement Chemin Neuf who both died following the rescue of a girl at sea.

Bush Broadens Ban on Aid to Pro-Abortion Groups

CRAWFORD, Texas, AUG. 31, 2003 ( President George W. Bush expanded a ban on U.S. aid to overseas groups that perform or advocate abortion or lobby governments to ease access to the procedure, reports Agence France-Presse.

Rwandan’s Romp in Election Raises Doubts

KIGALI, Rwanda, AUG. 28, 2003 ( The first presidential elections held in Rwanda since the 1994 genocide have not been free, says a representative of the episcopate.

Ruling Postponed in Nigerian Stoning Case

LAGOS, Nigeria, AUG. 28, 2003 ( A court in northern Nigeria said it would issue a judgment next month in the appeal of a woman sentenced to death by stoning for having a child out of wedlock.