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A Muslim’s Take on the Compass

[A response to No, Thank You, Mr. Pullman]

I’m a recent subscriber to ZENIT, albeit not a Catholic. You may be surprised to find out that I’m a Muslim; and as such I respect the Catholic Church.

As soon as I found out the agenda behind the trilogy of which “The Golden Compass” is part, I started an awareness campaign by e-mailing all my friends, Muslims or not, about this movie.

[Philip] Pullman seems to have a bone with the Catholic Church. But while trying to damage the image of this faith, he has magistrally alienated people from various religious backgrounds.

His attack on God and his altered universe, where God is bad and Satan is good, and where everybody has a demon inside — the difference in spelling is irrelevant — do not seat well with believers of any faith.

The last thing a believer needs to do is to enrich a person who’s trying his best to destroy the spiritual life of children.

Following in the steps of the previous opinion, I have to say thank you, but no thank you, Mr. Pullman.

Farhanahz Ellis