February, 2009


Path to Salvation With the Ill

A response to: Cases Like Eluana’s Can Have Happy Endings

I am greatly touched by Fr. Trento’s personal experience with the terminally ill; the little I followed of Eluana’s life experience is not as haste to the very ones Father is looking after, I would imagine in worse medical settings in Paraguay. I listened to a talk show on a Catholic FM in Nairobi of people sharing views a day following the disconnection of Eluana’a feeding tube — you could feel the distaste, the anger; one listener shared an experience of his mother who is terminally ill and her insistence to be left to die, but those caring do not take it as a burden, it is their cross and possibly path to salvation.

Fr. Trento’s return of a medal of such honor was a heroic action.

Bagire Vincent,

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