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Health Food for the Soul

Biblical Reflection for 20th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Words Made Flesh Available During Break

NEW YORK, JULY 31, 2009 ( The Gospel reflections written by Father Thomas Rosica for the Words Made Flesh column are available for the two weeks ZENIT is on break. The column will resume Aug. 19.

Priest Slain in India

Region Plagued Last Year by Anti-Christian Attacks

Ratzinger Home to Produce Solar Energy

ROME, JULY 30, 2009 ( Father Joseph Ratzinger’s house from his days as a theology professor at the University of Regensburg will become a small production center for solar energy, with proceeds going to a work of charity.

Italian Health Ministry: 29 Killed by RU-486

ROME, JULY 30, 2009 ( The Italian health ministry has reported that 29 women have died because of “the morning after pill,” also known in various forms as emergency contraception, Plan B, and RU-486.