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Panama to Host WYD 2019

“Mary, our Mother, teaches us how we can make our experience here in Poland be productive. She tells us to do what she did: not to squander the gift you have received, but to treasure it in your heart so it can grow and bear fruit, with the help of the Holy Spirit”

Pope’s Prepared Address to WYD Volunteers

“In the Gospel mystery of the Visitation, we can see an icon of all Christian volunteer work. I would take three attitudes shown by Mary and leave them to you as an aid to interpreting the experience of these days and an inspiration for your future commitment to service. These three attitudes are listening, deciding and acting”

Pope’s Address After Way of Cross in Krakow

“In the face of evil, suffering and sin, the only response possible for a disciple of Jesus is the gift of self, even of one’s own life, in imitation of Christ; it is the attitude of service”

To Auschwitz-Birkenau, Where the World Knew Hell

The Pope Went Today to These Places of Horror, Where 1.5 Million People Met Death, to Pay Homage to Saint Maximilian Kolbe and Meet With 12 Survivors of the Holocaust and 22 “Righteous among the Nations”

Pope’s Homily at Holy Mass in Czestechowa

‘If there is any human glory, any merit of our own in the fullness of time, it is she. Mary is that space, preserved free from sin, where God chose to mirror himself. She is the stairway God took to descend and draw near to us.’