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GENERAL AUDIENCE: On How Faith Brings Salvation

‘She was a woman discarded by the society. It is important to consider this condition — of being discarded — to understand her state of mind: she feels that Jesus can free her from the ailment and from the state of marginalization and indignity in which she has found herself for years. In a word: she knows, she feels that Jesus can save her.’

Two Nuns Killed in Mississippi

Two Beloved Sisters in Late 60s Who Served As Nurses at Medical Clinic That Assists, Free of Charge, Families Who Cannot Afford Medical Care, Were Stabbed by Robber

Pope Sends Video Message to Americas

‘For all our sins, our limitations, our failings, for all the many times we have fallen, Jesus has looked upon us and drawn near to us. He has given us his hand and showed us mercy. To whom? To me, to you, to everyone.’