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Pope’s Prayer for Peace at Assyrian-Chaldean Church

The final official stop on Pope Francis’ first day in Georgia was a visit to the Church of St. Shemon Bar Sabbae to meet with the Assyrian-Chaldean community. He was welcomed by the Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, Raphael Louis Sako, and the […]

Pope’s Address to Georgia’s Authorities, Diplomatic Corps

‘Far from being exploited as grounds for turning discord into conflict and conflict into interminable tragedy, distinctions along ethnic, linguistic, political or religious lines can and must be for everyone a source of mutual enrichment in favour of the common good.’

Pope Chooses Theme for World Day for Social Communications

‘The Theme of the next World Day of Social Communications is an invitation to tell the history of the world and the histories of men and women in accordance with the logic of the “good news” that reminds us that God never ceases to be a Father in any situation or with regard to any man.’

Pope’s Address to Cor Unum, Mideast Aid Agencies

‘Putting an end to the conflict is also in the hands of men and women: each of us can and must become a peacemaker, because every situation of violence and injustice is a wound to the body of the whole human family.’

General Audience: On the Two Thieves

“Jesus is truly the face of the Father’s mercy. And the good thief called Him by name: ‘Jesus.’ It is a brief invocation, and we can all do it many times during the day: ‘Jesus,’ simply ‘Jesus.'”