3 New York Firefighters in Spain as Witnesses of Faith

SEVILLE, Spain, MARCH 24, 2002 (ZENIT.org).- Three firefighters of New York´s Rescue 1 station, who were involved in rescue work following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the twin towers, arrived in Seville to participate in the Holy Week ceremonies.

The firefighters will work with one of the brotherhoods that organize one of the world’s most famous traditional Holy Week religious celebrations.

Captain Fred Lafemina, 45, and firefighters Todd Smith, 28, and David Marmann, 32, are the three new members of the Brotherhood and Confraternity of Nazarenes of the Most Holy Christ of Souls, Most Holy Mary of Grace and Refuge, and St. Francis Xavier.

The firefighters´ are visiting, in part, to witness to a common faith between New York and Seville.

Firehouses “have become places where people go to place candles, photographs, and flowers, and to meet firemen to express their sympathy,” one of the New Yorkers told the Europa Press agency.