African Bishops Oppose Adoption by Homosexual Couples

ROME, OCT. 1, 2002 ( The Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar rejected the adoption of minors by homosexual couples, a move recently authorized by a judge in South Africa.

In a statement reported by Misna, the African bishops say the judge’s ruling is “contrary to natural law and to the universal view of marriage.”

The decision “not only violently contradicts the African sensibility and scale of values” but also implies “evident contempt for the faith of the greater part of Africans: belonging to traditional religions, Christians of all confessions, and Muslims,” the bishops contend.

Their statement says that “conjugal love, unity and complementarity in the diversity of the sexes are natural instruments of a healthy and balanced education of a child.”

SECAM rejects discrimination against homosexuals, but adds that that does not imply they should be entrusted with the formation of children.