Al-Jazeera to Broadcast War Shows Made by Capuchins

ROME, SEPT. 11, 2003 ( The Arab television network Al-Jazeera will broadcast a number of war documentaries produced by Nova-T, a firm founded by the Capuchin Province of Piedmont.

The Vidimus Dominum religious information service reported that Al-Jazeera has signed an agreement through a production and distribution company to buy the series of home videos entitled “The Forgotten Wars” — African conflicts largely ignored by the world.

The series comprises six reports: “Somali Democracy”; “Sahara: A Wall in the Desert”; “Ethiopia and Eritrea: Lives on the Frontier”; “Hutu Tutsi: An Endless War”; “The Nuba of Sudan”; “Angola: The Invisible War.”

The reports will be transmitted via satellite from Qatar to the whole Arab world.