Alpine Concert to Honor Benedict XVI

Organizers Invited Pope to Attend

LORENZAGO DI CADORE, JULY 10, 2007 ( The alpine population of the Veneto region in northeast Italy is hosting a concert to honor Benedict XVI on the feast of his papal namesake.

The organizers of Wednesday’s concert at the parish church in Lorenzago di Cadore, on the feast of St. Benedict, are hoping for a papal appearance.

The Holy Father is on vacation in that region of the Alps until July 27. The cottage where he is staying has been set up with a piano. And walking paths through the forest surrounding the area offer the Pontiff a chance to surround himself with nature in a climate of serenity.

The Diocese of Belluno is particularly involved in the organization of Wednesday’s concert.

Today, the church is hosting another concert, featuring a renovated Comelli organ. The organ is from 1790; only two organs of its class are still in existence in that region.

The use of the renovated organ is part of the celebrations marking the liturgical feast of St. Benedict. Spanish musician José Luis Uriol will be the organist at the concert honoring the Pope. The local Schola Cantorum will interpret pieces, expected to include selections from Bach and Scarlatti.

In the Dioceses of Belluno-Feltre and Treviso, a committee has been formed to prepare locals for the Holy Father’s visit, including celebrations, prayer meetings and cultural activities.

Bishop Giuseppe Andrich of Belluno-Feltre invited the Pontiff to attend the concert, Vatican Radio reported.

“We cling to hope that the Pope will attend because it involves St. Benedict and because he is a passionate fan of music. But they are only hopes,” Father Sergio De Martino, pastor in Lorenzago di Cadore, said. “We will not be disappointed if he cannot come. But if he does, it will be a tremendous joy.”

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