Another Step Completed in Synod Preparation

VATICAN CITY, JAN. 25, 2008 ( The ordinary council preparing the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops have reviewed the first draft of the working document.

The group’s progress was made public today with a communiqué concerning the sixth meeting of the 11th Ordinary Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops.

The meeting, held Monday and Tuesday, was part of preparations for the 12th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod. The synod is scheduled for Oct. 5-26 in the Vatican and will be dedicated to “The Word of God in the Life and the Mission of the Church.”

The participants in this week’s meeting, who were received by the Pope on Monday, examined the first draft of the “instrumentum laboris,” which is the working document for the forthcoming synodal assembly. It was drawn up on the basis of the numerous replies to the questionnaire sent out in April.

The questionnaire was part of the original consultative document — the “lineamenta,” or draft guidelines. Replies to it were sent in by episcopal conferences, the synods of the Eastern Catholic Churches, organizations of the Roman Curia and the heads of religious orders.

This will be the second synod of the world’s bishops presided over by Benedict XVI. In October 2005 he presided over the synod on the Eucharist.

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