Anti-Christian Bias Seen in EU Governance

TURIN, Italy, FEB. 10, 2006 ( The faithful in Hungary often feel as if an anti-Christian minority rules over the European Union legislation and governance, says a bishop.

“Well, maybe our weak testimony may have helped,” wrote the secretary-general of the Hungarian bishops’ conference, Bishop András Veres, in a statement to Italian episcopate’s SIR news service.

Taking stock a year and a half after Hungary’s accession to the European Union, Auxiliary Bishop Veres of Eger noted that in the country “the number of disappointed people has increased.”

“The government has not informed them appropriately,” he said, and the “conditions of such accession have never been enforced.”

He also cited the absence of “that spiritual communion that could create common values for the European peoples,” and added that a “community with no values cannot be either built or maintained.”