Archbishop: Singer’s Concert Would Be an Affront

Quits Board, Citing Invitation to Sheryl Crow

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, APRIL 26, 2007 ( Archbishop Raymond Burke spoke out against a Catholic medical center scheduling pro-abortion advocate Sheryl Crow for a benefit concert.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Archbishop Burke of St. Louis explained his protest over the singer’s appearance: “This Saturday, Sheryl Crow is scheduled to perform at the Bob Costas Benefit for the SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center.

“Ms. Crow is well-known as an abortion activist. She has lent her celebrity status to the promotion of legislation, such as Missouri’s Amendment 2, that creates legal protection for human cloning and the destruction of human beings who are embryos.

“Her appearance at a fundraising event […] is an affront to the identity and mission of the medical center, dedicated as it is to the service of life and Christ’s healing mission.”

Obliged in justice

After efforts failed to convince organizers to cancel Crow’s participation, Archbishop Burke resigned from his post as chairman of the foundation’s board of governors and asked that his name be removed from any promotional material for the benefit event.

The 58-year-old prelate explained: “As the shepherd of this archdiocese, I am required to address an issue that could call into question in the minds of the faithful the commitment of the medical center and the archdiocese to the cause of life.

“When there is a significant risk that others could be led to evil, as the one responsible for the spiritual and moral well-being of the faithful entrusted to my pastoral care, I am obliged in justice to act.”

Economic gain

Archbishop Burke reiterated his support for the medical center’s apostolate telling its management and employees of his “continued admiration and support for the wonderful treatment provided at our excellent children’s medical center.”

He added: “I cannot say enough about their commitment to the lives and health of the children they serve.”

However, he reiterated in his statement: “When, for economic gain, a Catholic institution associates itself with such a high profile proponent of the destruction of innocent lives, members of the Church and other people of good will have the right to be confirmed in their commitment to the gospel of life.”

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