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Providence and Paranoia

A Tendency to Believe in Conspiracy Theories Can Only Be Remedied by Child-Like Trust in Divine Providence

Subverting Success

Believing That Success Is All That Matters Is Not of the Gospel

It’s My Fault

True Freedom Comes From Taking Responsibility, With God’s Grace, For Our Own Sins

Kasper and Burke: the Real Clash

Beyond the Sharp Exchanges, the Future Is Becoming Clear — and It Belongs to Burkeans

Fullness and Foolishness

Christianity Isn’t a Religion of Being Nice, But About Radical Transformation From the Ground Up

Elephants, Angels and Aliens

Believing That the Vastness of the Cosmos Points to Life on Other Planets Misses the Point

Is Religion Only in Your Head?

Christianity Requires Belief in the Resurrection Rather Than Neuroscience

Christianity Without Dogma

Absence of Church Doctrine Leads to a Religion of Sentimentality

Of Miracles and Atheists

The believer thinks that reality is rubbery, that there is more to it than you can see

Finding Forgiveness

Remembering the Purpose of Mass

The Beautiful Struggle

“It’s a beautiful struggle to make a soul…it’s a beautiful struggle to make a saint.”

“A New Ecumenism”

Anglican Ordinariate Presents an ‘End Point’ to Catholic-Anglican Dialogue and Could Include Other Denominations

Communicating with C.S. Lewis

The Challenge of Explaining the Faith to the Man on the Street

Is Christianity a Fairy Tale?

Author of New Book Explains How the Faith is the Myth that “Really Happened”