Pope writing a letter

Pope and Holy See

Pope Sends Telegram of Condolences for Death of Cardinal Attilio Nicora

‘He leaves a memory full of esteem and gratitude for the precious service he offered the Church and to the civil society in Italy, especially in the juridical field, in view of revising the Lateran Concordat and the implementation of the system of economic support of the Catholic Church and of support of the clergy and the Holy See, as rigorous and far-sighted President first of APSA and then of AIF’

Pope writing a letter

Pope and Holy See

Pope Sends Letter to Bishop of Assisi for Inauguration of Shrine of Spoliation

‘Francis of Assisi had it very clear. He assimilated it in the meditation of the Gospel, but above all in the contemplation of Christ’s face in the lepers and in the Crucifix of San Damiano, from which he received the mandate: Francis, go, repair my house.” Yes, as in Francis’ time, the Church is always in need of being “repaired.” She is holy, in fact, in the gifts she receives from on high, but she is made up of sinners, and, therefore, is always in need of penance and renewal’


Pope Francis’ Homily at Chrism Mass

‘Dear priests, as we contemplate and drink from these three new wineskins, may the Good News find in us that “contagious fullness” which Our Lady radiates with her whole being, the “inclusive concreteness” of the story of the Samaritan woman, and the “utter meekness” whereby the Holy Spirit ceaselessly wells up and flows forth from the pierced heart of Jesus our Lord.’

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