Barroom Blitz Pushes “Morning-After Pill”

CHICAGO, JUNE 15, 2001 ( Planned Parenthood/Chicago Area has launched a marketing blitz involving the Internet to promote and dispense the “morning-after pill” without a doctor visit, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The pill, which can cause early abortions by keeping an embryonic human being from implanting in the womb, is being promoted by posters that were hung in bathroom stalls in 100 area bars last week.

Accompanying brochures tell about a Web site where women can order the pill without visiting a doctor.

The pills are widely touted as “emergency contraception,” though in fact they can act as abortifacients. Two Planned Parenthood affiliates in the United States now offer the pills online, the Tribune said. Many provide them over the phone.

While Planned Parenthood contends a doctor visit is an unnecessary delay, some doctors consider an examination medically important. Others say Planned Parenthood may be in muddy regulatory waters.