Belfast School Reopens After Riots That Left 82 Injured

BELFAST, Northern Ireland, JAN. 11, 2002 ( Children today returned to a Catholic grade school that has been a center for violence, after a night of rioting between Catholics and Protestants that left dozens of police and troops injured, CNN reported.

Police vehicles lined the road this morning as Catholic parents and children walked to Holy Cross Primary School in the Ardoyne area of north Belfast, but there was no sign of Protestant demonstrators. The school was closed a day earlier after violence broke out in the tense and divided area.

Overnight, rival factions totaling about 350 people hurled fire bombs, acid bombs and stones at officers trying to keep them apart, police said. At least two homemade grenades exploded near police, who said they fired seven plastic bullets in response.

A total of 82 police and troops were hurt during the 48 hours of trouble, in which 11 people were arrested.