Benedict XVI Mourns Tragic Deaths in Brazil

Sends Message of Condolence to Those Affected by Nightclub Fire

In a telegram addressed to Archbishop Hélio Adelar Rubert of Santa Maria in Brazil, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone conveyed Pope Benedict’s condolences upon hearing of the tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul. Over 230 youths died when a fire erupted in a local nightclub in the vicinity.

Cardinal Bertone stated that the Holy Father was “shocked by the tragic deaths of hundreds of young people” and asked Archbishop Adelar Rubert to convey his deepest condolences to the families of the victims” while “sharing in the sorrow of all those who mourn.”

“[Pope Benedict XVI] entrusts the dead to God, the Father of mercy, and prays for the comfort and restoration of the wounded and for the courage and consolation of all those affected by the tragedy,” the telegram stated.

Cardinal Bertone also said that the Holy Father sends his apostolic blessing “to all those who are suffering and those who are assisting them.”

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