Bishops Call Family a Vocational Vineyard

ZADAR, Croatia, JULY 6, 2007 ( The family is the natural vineyard for vocations, concluded a meeting of 34 vocation offices representing Europe’s episcopal conferences.

The annual meeting of the European Vocations Service (EVS), held from June 28 to July 1 in Zadar, illuminated the role and responsibility of the family, where every Christian vocation begins and matures.

The final document titled “The Family: Place of Vocations” explained: “Europe suffers from a lack of religious and priestly vocations. There is no immediate remedy for this lack, rather, what is needed is a long and patient maturation.

“The family is the first ground to cultivate, [as] a place of interiority and sending forth. Despite various difficulties, families remain a place of great hope.”

The document continued: “In a Europe that suffers from widespread atheism, an intolerance of the truth, an allergy to the faith and, at times, a kind of Christophobia, parents are invited to give life, educate their children and transmit the faith so that the youth can make mature and responsible decisions in full freedom, and holiness becomes a fascinating project to hand on with joy to new generations.”