Brazil Document to Address Immigration

APARECIDA, Brazil, MAY 28, 2007 ( The issue of migration dominated discussions at the 5th General Conference of the Episcopate of Latin America and the Caribbean and is covered in the event’s final document, reports a prelate from California.

Auxiliary Bishop Jaime Soto of Orange County commented Friday that the meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean bishops’ recognized that they “have a responsibility to accompany these people.”

Bishops from the United States, Canada, Portugal and Spain are attending the conference and, for the first time, have the right to vote.

Bishop Soto said: “Human migration involves all countries. The ‘document’ will speak clearly on this issue.

“I trust in the fact that the message will be encouraging and express solidarity for people who are looking for a better future and more worthy living conditions. Migrants don’t want to be migrants.”

During his meeting with the press, Bishop Ángel Garachana Pérez of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, discussed the role of government and the Church.

“Our governments must take up this theme with greater responsibility,” said Bishop Garachana Pérez. “In the countries of destination the laws must be renewed, so that they are not seen as or treated like delinquents.”