British Pro-life Lobby Wins a TV Victory

LONDON, MARCH 14, 2002 ( Television executives have been accused of censorship by three senior judges after they refused to show images of abortion in a party election broadcast, BBC reported.

The film, by the Pro-life Alliance, was made to be shown during the 1997 general election campaign. BBC and commercial broadcasters banned the broadcast on the grounds that it was “grossly offensive.”

But the Court of Appeal ruled today that their decision was “unlawful,” opening the way for graphic depictions of abortion to be shown on British television for the first time. The BBC said it will seek leave to appeal to the House of Lords.

Overturning an earlier High Court ruling, the Appeal Court said the broadcasters´ decision had been a clear case of censorship. The victory marks the culmination of a five-year legal campaign by the Pro-Life Alliance which has taken it before five courts and 12 judges.

Bruno Quintavalle, leader of the Pro-Life Alliance, said: “This judgment signals the beginning of the end of legal abortion in the UK. Once our country sees the truth, they will know that abortion even in the earliest stages is an act of terrible violence which kills a human being.”