Cardinal Filoni Will Return to Iraq to Be Close to Nation’s Families

Pope Francis Expresses His Closeness to Those Displaced in Iraq, Nigeria

Pope Francis and his personal envoy to Iraq are expressing their closeness to those who have been displaced in Iraq and Nigeria.

According to a statement released by the Holy See Press Office today, the Vatican has confirmed that Cardinal Fernando Filoni, Francis’ envoy, will go back to Iraq to offer consolation to the nation’s families during this Easter Season.

Today’s statement expressed Francis’ solidarity for all those who have been forced to flee from their lands and how he is close to them and praying for them.

“Pope Francis remains concerned for the situation of Christian families and other victims expelled from their homes and their villages, particularly in the city of Mosul and the Nineveh Plain, many of whom had taken refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan,” it stated.

“As Holy Week approaches,” it continued, “these families share with Christ the unjust violence of which they are made victims, and participate in the suffering of Christ himself.”

The statement also noted how the families of the Diocese of Rome have made special collections in their parishes in order to send to those displaced the traditional Italian Easter dessert called a Colomba.


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