Cardinal Tettamanzi´s New Book Scrutinizes Globalization

GENOA, Italy, JULY 5, 2001 ( Globalization will lead to a wider gap between the world´s rich and poor if it isn´t governed by ethical principles, warns Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi in a new book.

“Globalization: A Challenge” is being published by Piemme on the eve of the G-8 summit of most industrialized nations, which takes place here from July 18-21.

Cardinal Tettamanzi, a former professor of moral theology, neither demonizes or idolizes the phenomenon of globalization. In his book he notes its positive effects in Third World development.

But he also warns that profit must not be the absolute and exclusive object of economic and financial globalization. The archbishop of Genoa calls for a logic of responsible liberty which puts globalization at the service of people and their rights, among which is the right to work.