Caritas-Morocco Aims to Rebuild 2 Schools

ROME, JULY 12, 2004 ( Caritas-Morocco appealed to the charity’s network for $1.18 million to rebuild two schools devastated by last February’s earthquake in the Al Hoceima area.

The yearlong reconstruction would allow classes to resume for 1,600 students, Caritas reported from Spain.

The two schools Caritas-Morocco is rebuilding are Fatima Zahra, of Al Hoceima, and Oued Eddahab, of Imzouren. Both institutions are the object of an integral program of reconstruction, after being seriously damaged by the quake.

Caritas’ financial aid will make possible the restoration of classrooms, libraries, study halls, multimedia labs, and playgrounds, as well as electrical and sanitary installations.

The calendar of work, which will be carried out by Caritas-Morocco in coordination with Caritas-France, will be established this week. The French Caritas is acting as liaison for other endeavors of the charity’s international network.