Catalogue of Pre-1978 Vatican Photos Available

By Marta Lago

ROME, JAN. 13, 2008 ( L’Osservatore Romano’s photo service is offering a free electronic catalogue of the Giordani Collection, including photos from 1930 to 1978.

Some half-million pictures were taken by Francesco Giordani during his near-five decade career. The catalogue, a 367-page Microsoft Word file, allows buyers to locate and purchase pictures based on the photographer’s careful annotations of the date and subject matter. Images are not included in the catalogue.

Four pontificates are recorded in the collection, as well as a host of other Church leaders, apostolic visits and government officials.

Using the catalogue, buyers can select the photos they want to purchase and request them in printed or digital form. Costs will vary depending on the number of photos and the difficulty in finding them. Copyright costs will also be included in the price.

Requests can be sent to the director of L’Osservatore Romano’s photo service, Guiseppe Colombara, by e-mailing [email protected].