Catalonia Doctors Pray That Terrorists Convert

BARCELONA, Spain, MARCH 14, 2004 ( The Association of Catholic Physicians of Catalonia is praying for the conversion of the terrorists who struck in Madrid, “even though it is hard.”

“From a human perspective there are realities that are difficult to understand, but God consoles, watches over, is always willing, and will resurrect the whole world on the last day,” the doctors said in an official statement on the “abominable attacks” which took place in the Spanish capital on Thursday.

The association recognizes that “the human being is free and that God many times respects the evil use of freedom made by some degenerate” types.

“The tenderness of God is with the victims,” the group said. “We pray for the conversion of the killers even though it is hard,” stressing that “they will not escape from God” for the sufferings they caused.