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Reasons to Give Thanks

“Because of God’s blessings, we can make our nation great, by making our nation holy”

FORUM: ‘Making Moral Choices’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl Says: ‘We must not only do the good, we must have the will and intention of choosing the right thing’

Forum: ‘The Renaissance of Consecrated Life’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl Says: ‘The more young people are exposed to young religious, simply seeing them present in the world and meeting them and getting to know them personally, the more these encounters will blossom into new religious vocations’

FORUM: On Mother Teresa’s Canonization

Father Louis M. Thevalakara OSJ, Official of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Says: ‘While this is a time of great celebration, we should remember that the most fitting way to honor our Mother would be to find Jesus’ presence in the poor, irrespective of caste or creed, and to serve them as she did’

Forum: ‘The Psalms of Mercy’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘Thousands of years after they were written, it is surprising how well the Psalms continue to capture feelings of joy or despair, fear or exultation’

Forum: ‘Kraków in the Capital’

Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Wuerl: ‘Kraków in the Capital will help to transport young people virtually to Kraków through a diversity of experiences mirroring the transformative experiences of World Youth Day.’

FORUM: British Ambassador to Holy See on ‘Disruptive Dialogue’

‘The focus of much attention at state and faith level now is on relations between different religions – Islam, Judaism, Christianity. This is right, reflecting the vital importance for our increasingly multinational and multiethnic societies of understanding across religious boundaries.’

FORUM: ‘Catholic Religious on the Front Line’

British Ambassador to Holy See: ‘What Catholic religious men and women are doing, day in and day out, to help and support the victims, is a vital and selfless service that we should never take for granted’

Bishop Robert Barron: Porn and the Curse of Total Sexual Freedom

‘The Catholic Church—and indeed all of decent society until about forty years ago—sees pornography as, first and foremost, an ethical violation, a deep distortion of human sexuality, an unconscionable objectification of persons who should never be treated as anything less than subjects.’