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Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘D’

“The Instrumentum Laboris nowhere defines marriage. This is a serious defect. It causes ambiguity throughout the text. Most bishops agreed that the document should add the definition of marriage from Vatican II, Gaudium et Spes 48, as a correction”

Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘C’

“There are certainly points of convergence, arising from our shared sense of God’s plan which is inscribed in creation and which comes to its fullness in Christ crucified and risen, as proclaimed by the Church. But the different ways in which that mystery takes flesh in different parts of the world make it challenging to balance the local and the universal”

Synod15: Report From Small Circle English ‘A’

“While the sense of the word ‘vocation’ is clear when applied to the priesthood, more clarity is needed when we talk about the phrase ‘vocation to the married life.’ We must recognize that the family itself also has a vocation”

Synod15: Report From Small Circle Italian ‘C’

“The structure of the text seemed to many to be strongly marked by a Western perspective (European and North American), especially in the description of the aspects and challenges opened by secularization and individualism that marks the consumer societies”

Synod15: Report From Small Circle Italian ‘A’

“A good number of the Fathers pointed out the need to use formulas that leave no doubt from the beginning that the only family model that corresponds to the Doctrine of the Church is that founded on marriage between man and woman”

Archbishop Martin’s Intervention at Synod

“Let us not forget families which have experienced the trauma of abuse and domestic violence, those for whom the proclamation of what we call the ‘Good News’ of the Family may mean little or nothing”