Charity Leads to Peace, Says Pontiff

Underlines Relationship of Both With Mercy

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 15, 2007 ( Silent acts of charity help to build a world of peace, says Benedict XVI.

The Holy Father made this comment today before reciting the Regina Caeli with those gathered in St. Peter’s Square, and after presiding over a Mass marking his 80th birthday on Monday, and his second anniversary as Pope on Thursday.

“From the depths of my heart I renew my most sincere thanks, which I extend to the whole Church, which, like a true family, especially in these days, surrounds me with its affection,” said Benedict XVI.

The Pope then focused his address on the renewal of the world, which can “summed up in a word: the same word that the risen Jesus pronounced as a greeting, and much more as an announcement of his victory to his disciples: ‘Peace be with you!'”

Benedict XVI said that it is not “a peace according to the mentality of the ‘world,'” but rather “a new reality, fruit of the love of God, of his mercy.”

The Pope explained that Christ earned this peace with his blood, “and that he communicates to those who trust in him.”

“‘Jesus, I trust in you’: In these words the faith of the Christian is summed up, a faith in the omnipotence of the merciful love of God,” he said.

The Pontiff then prayed for the intercession of the Mother of God, so that with her help, the world might be “renewed by the Spirit to cooperate in the work of peace that God is accomplishing in the world and that does not make noise, but that is realized in the countless acts of charity of all its sons.”

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