Christ’s Call Implies Mission, Says Pope

At Mass in Casa Santa Marta, Reflects on Jesus’ Promises

Christ’s call always comes with a mission to carry out, Pope Francis said at Mass this morning in his residence.

Drawing from the Gospel passage of today, where Jesus tells the apostles they will be fishers of men, Pope Francis spoke of how when Jesus comes into our lives, he always gives “a promise, a promise that gives comfort, a request for generosity and a mission to be carried out,” Vatican Radio reported.

“Jesus never asks us to follow him without telling us what our mission is,” the Holy Father added.

Following Jesus is not like a show, but rather, “We follow him to do something and that’s our mission.”

Promise, request and mission are linked to prayer, the Pontiff said in conclusion. “A prayer without a word from Jesus and without faith, or a promise, is not a good prayer,” he said. “There is no prayer in which Jesus does not inspire us to do something.”

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