Confession Uptick at Fatima Shrine

FATIMA, Portugal MARCH 5, 2008 ( The shrine of Fatima is becoming more and more a place to find the mercy of God, says the chaplain of the Marian pilgrimage site.

Father Clemente Dotti said this to the Portuguese news agency Ecclesia on Monday when reporting that in 2007, almost 10,000 more confessions were heard compared to the previous year.

The chaplain explained that the pastoral program of the shrine focused on the merciful love of God in 2007, and with that “we had the opportunity to show how the Mother knew to guide her children to find the mercy of God in the sacrament of reconciliation.”

According to the shrine, 199,333 people confessed there in 2007 — 9,016 more than in 2006. Of these, 34,653 confessed in a language other than Portuguese — 1,049 more than the previous year.

Father Dotti said 190 priests heard confessions at the shrine in 2007.