Dozens of Cures Reported in John Paul II Cause

Diocesan Phase Ends on 2-Year Anniversary of Death

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 28, 2007 ( The postulator for Pope John Paul II’s cause of beatification, Monsignor Slawomir Oder, said many people have already attributed miracles to the Pontiff’s intercession.

In a press conference on Tuesday, the postulator announced that the diocesan phase of John Paul II’s beatification process would close on April 2. It will be the two-year anniversary of the Polish Pope’s death.

Among the supposed miracles attributed to the intercession of this Pope, Monsignor Oder mentioned many reported healings from tumors. However, he clarified, these were not considered for the beatification, since time is needed to validate the cures.

One of the cases that is being considered is that of a French nun who was cured of Parkinson’s disease two months after the Pope’s death.

The postulator said the name of the sister “cannot be revealed at this time.” He said that on Palm Sunday, April 1, the bishop of the diocese where the presumed miracle occurred will address a letter to the diocese, explaining what happened.

There are other reported healings as well, Monsignor Oder said. He mentioned two dealing with

“One of the first ones presented to me was that of a Polish couple” who presented their little daughter “on the day of the closing of the diocesan process in Krakow.” The postulator explained that she was born after the parents suffered for years with fertility treatments.

Monsignor Oder spoke of another case, that of a “difficult pregnancy with loss of amniotic fluid. … After a few months of prayer asking for John Paul II’s help, the fluid returned and the mother bore a healthy baby naturally.”

During the diocesan process approximately 130 testimonies were heard.

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