Education Must Teach Value of Life, Says Cardinal

Secretary of State Sends Message to Teachers’ Event

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 6, 2006 ( The education of new generations must instill the desire for good and the “positive value of life,” says the Vatican secretary of state.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone stressed this in a message sent in the Pope’s name to Luciano Corradini, national president of the Italian Catholic Union of Middle School Teachers (UCIIM), and to the participants in the association’s 22nd national congress. The Nov. 3-Dec. 3 congress, held in Rome, discussed the topic “Education in School: New Scenarios, New Responsibilities.”

The meeting focused “on an apostolic field of great current importance toward which the Church always looks with vigilant attention,” the cardinal said in his message.

Specifically, he emphasized that “the formation of new generations, never more so than at this historic moment, calls for a joint contribution of reflection, supported by the elaboration of educational and pastoral strategies capable of responding to the expectations of the youthful universe of the third millennium.”

It is a question of “communicating to young people appreciation for the positive value of life, inspiring in them the desire to spend it at the service of the Good,” added the cardinal.

Thus, it is the “task if the whole People of God to transmit to new generations the evangelical message, leaven of authentic renewal of society,” he continued. “This presupposes, however, that the person is helped, especially the child, the adolescent, the youth to tend to full human and spiritual maturity.

“A healthy realism, moreover, teaches that the human being must be supported throughout his life in a constant process of growth in the different aspects of personality. This is why education represents for the Church a fundamental issue: education of everyone, especially for those beginning life, amid desires and hopes, uncertainties and insecurities.”

UCIIM was founded by Catholic Action in June 1944 to contribute to the formative and educational task of the Church.

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