Europarliament Takes Stand for Same-Sex Unions

STRASBOURG, France, JAN. 20, 2006 ( European countries that do not recognize same-sex unions have been condemned as “homophobic” by a resolution of the European Parliament.

The nonbinding resolution passed Thursday by a vote of 468-149. There were 41 abstentions.

Mario Mauro, vice president of the European Parliament, said in statements to ZENIT that “an ideological document has been approved that has very little to do with the concrete protection of people’s fundamental rights.”

Mauro said that the document, which refers to religious freedom as a “source of discrimination,” is “in open contradiction with treaties and even common sense.”

Riccardo Cascioli, president of the European Center of Studies on Population, Environment and Development, told ZENIT that “for the umpteenth time, a European institution pronounces itself on a topic — such as the family — which is the strict domain of each of the member states.”

“It is obvious,” Cascioli said, “that human rights have become a pretext to affirm an ideology that not only has nothing to do with the good of the person, but that is even a source of violence against individuals, communities and peoples.”