Europe Needs Saints and Witnesses, Says John Paul II

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 22, 2003 ( John Paul II says the most important contribution Christians can make to the shaping of a new Europe is faithfulness to Christ.

“Europe!” the Pope exclaimed today when reviewing some of the key events of 2003 with his collaborators in the Roman Curia. “I cannot fail to observe that the European continent has lived this year and continues to live a crucial phase of its history, while it enlarges the borders to other peoples and nations.”

“It is important that Europe, enriched through the centuries by the treasure of the Christian faith, confirm these origins and revivify these roots,” the Holy Father added, repeating a theme he raised frequently during the year.

“The most important contribution that Christians are called to make to the building of a new Europe is, above all, their faithfulness to Christ and the Gospel,” he said.

“Europe has need, in the first place, of saints and witnesses … models worthy of being imitated,” the Pope said. “Suffice it to remember Mother Teresa of Calcutta, image of the good Samaritan, who became for all, believers and nonbelievers, a messenger of love and peace.”

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