Ex-UNESCO Chief Comments on Case of Homosexual Priest

MADRID, Spain, FEB. 4, 2002 (Zenit.org).- Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former director general of UNESCO, said a Spanish priest who openly declared his homosexuality has broken his loyalty to the Catholic Church.

“He has not been loyal to the institution to which he belongs nor to the contract established with a most high institution,” Mayor Zaragoza explained in statements to the press. He appealed to pastors to take the measures established in such cases.

Father José Mantero of Valverde del Camino gave an interview to a magazine for homosexuals to exalt not only his homosexual orientation, but also to admit his sexual practice.

For Mayor Zaragoza, the former director of the U.N. Organization for Education and Culture, and biochemistry researcher and professor at Madrid´s Autonomous University, the case is “only a scandal that distracts us from the real, current problems, such as poverty, immigration and violence.”

Mayor Zaragoza said that certain advertisements can “deform” the sexual behavior of adolescents, for which reason society “must oppose those enterprises that use this type of claim to advertise their products.”