Focolare Helping Children in Sudan

KHARTOUM, Sudan, JAN. 10, 2007 ( The Folocare Movement is helping to ensure that displaced children in southern Sudan are getting education and at least a meal a day.

“Save the Saveable,” a project organized by the Archdiocese of Khartoum, is now being supported by funds from an organization founded by Focolare members, a communiqué from the movement explained Thursday.

The project has already provided schools and classrooms for some 52,000 children living in and around Khartoum, to areas where there is no water, hospitals, schools or electricity in the area.

Present needs include construction of classrooms, repairs to sanitary services, acquisition of teahing material, salaries for 950 teachers and the formation of teaching staff.

The communiqué explained that the project is a step toward stopping the violence afflicting the area: “A good education for these youngsters, formed with values and positive testimonies, will allow for a dignified life and avoid their falling into the spiral of violence.”