Focolare Youth to Run For Unity

ROME, APRIL 24, 2008 ( Youth from the Catholic lay Focolare movement will run a relay race to express their commitment to building a united world.

Run4Unity 2008 is scheduled for May 10. Youth in locations around the world will participate, passing batons from one time zone to another, across borders of countries at war, and in forgotten areas of cities.

The relay will conclude with a live Internet transmission from Rome, featuring a video of a conversation between young people and the Focolare founder, Chiara Lubich.

Lubich died March 14. The Run4Unity 2008 is the first major Focolare event since her death.

The young people want the event be a sign of gratitude to her, and a renewed public commitment to carry ahead “her wildest dream […] to bring the world, in her arms, to God,” the Focolare Web site reported.

The Focolare movement is dedicated to the charism of unity, and fosters relationships with people of different cultures and religions.