Fund Created for Victims of Terrorism and War

Pope Will Distribute Donations Resulting from Day of Fasting

VATICAN CITY, DEC. 2, 2001 ( John Paul II will distribute, to victims of terrorism and war, the donations resulting from the Day of Fasting and Prayer scheduled for Dec. 14.

The announcement was published in a statement by the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum,” which fosters and coordinates the charity work of Catholics worldwide.

When he proposed a day of fasting to Catholics last month, the Holy Father explained: “What one denies oneself by fasting can be made available to the poor, especially those who at present suffer the consequences of terrorism and war.”

“Cor Unum” said that, with this gesture, “the Pope wishes to embrace symbolically every man in need.”

Hence, the Bishop of Rome “appeals to all believers to make a concrete charitable gesture to carry hope and daily bread” to the needy.

“The donations collected will be allocated by the Pope on Christmas day to those victims, the consequences of terrorism and war, who run the risk of being forgotten, once the greatest emergency is over,” the “Cor Unum” statement concludes.

For this purpose, the Vatican has opened a special bank account, managed by “Cor Unum,” at:

Banca di Roma C/C N. 101010 “Pro Digiuno 14 Dicembre”
ABI 3002 CAB 5008 (from abroad SWIFT: BROMIT)

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