Giving Globalization a Positive Spin

Vatican Aide Outlines Challenges for Christian Media

ROME, MAY 25, 2007 ( The director of the Vatican press office thinks that the media can be used to build a better world and give a positive dimension to globalization.

Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi made these remarks on Wednesday, in Rome, during his closing speech at the study session organized for the 60th anniversary of the Pax Romana federation.

The event was titled “The Holy See: the Face of Another Kind of Globalization: A Face to Announce and Communicate.”

Father Lombardi first underlined the necessity of truth, saying: “Whoever works in communications knows that it is not always easy to tell the truth or to look for the truth.

“The search for truth is a continuous and difficult task, in the media and in our personal communication.”

Additionally, Father Lombardi said there is a need for “a view of reality that includes the spiritual and religious dimension.”

Variety and wealth

“Another aspect I have heard and learned while working for the Holy See in communications,” he said, “is the respect for the variety and the wealth of various cultures.”

We need to “defend the variety and identity of all peoples, of various nations, and make people understand that this cultural wealth should be shared with everyone.”

Another theme of our communication “is that of charity and hope,” Father Lombardi said. “We live in a world in which bad news is abundant,” but “there are also many more good things around us that at first sight we don’t see.”

“Christian communications,” asserted the priest, “must insist on giving good news that helps to value the desire for good that is in the heart of each one of us, even if we are deluded or tired.”

Father Lombardi recalled that the death of Pope John Paul II was “the most important media event of our times.” He said there “was something nice, great, positive in which a large part of humanity understood the value of Christian witness and lived it as an invitation to dignity, hope and unity.”

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