Guide Helps to Face Pain and Suffering

Published by Canadian Life and Family Group

OTTOWA, JAN. 28, 2007 ( The most beautiful response to human suffering is the one that doesn’t try to hasten death, says a new pamphlet released by a Canadian-based life organization.

The Catholic Organization for Life and Family (COLF) published this month a six-page color leaflet that addresses the meaning of pain and suffering, and offers a Christian response to terminal illness.

Entitled “Living, Suffering and Dying … What For?” the publication also confronts the debate on the so-called right to die when suffering becomes unbearable.

In announcing the pamphlet COLF said, “The intention of the editors is to give those who are suffering, and people in general, the opportunity to discover or to reflect further on the meaning that Christ gives to our life and suffering.

“Many will find in him the source of their perseverance, of their hope, and even of their joy in adversity.”

The leaflet suggests: “God stands by our side, helping us to face the illness that knocks at our door and to face even death, which will one day mark our passing into eternal life…. All we need to do is to welcome his help.”

The publication also points out that for Christians, to aid the dying is really a call to aid the living “until the day when God invites his child to come home.”

“One of the most beautiful human responses to suffering” is “that of palliative care, which never seeks to hasten death,” it says.

COLF promotes respect for human life and dignity and the essential role of the family. It is backed by the Canadian conference of bishops.

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