Indulgences for Youth in Madrid and Those Praying for Them

VATICAN CITY, AUG. 18, 2011 ( Benedict XVI has granted a plenary indulgence for those participating in the 26th World Youth Day, and partial indulgences for the faithful around the world who are supporting the youth with prayer.

An Aug. 2 statement from the apostolic penitentiary announced the granting of the indulgences, given at the request of the archbishop of Madrid, Cardinal Antonio Rouco Varela.

The plenary indulgence is for all those who “participate devoutly in a sacred function or pious exercise” of World Youth Day, along with the customary requirements.

The partial indulgence is for the faithful, wherever they are during World Youth Day, “if, at least with a contrite spirit, they raise their prayer to God Holy Spirit, that he might drive young people to charity and give them the strength to proclaim the Gospel with their life.”

The statement noted that priests should be available for confession to enable the faithful to gain the indulgences, and that they should “propose to the faithful public prayers for the happy outcome of the World Youth Day itself.”