#IPrayforthePope Campaign Leads Up to 1st Anniversary of Francis’ Election

Shalom Community Launches International Initiative

The Facebook page and social media campaign “Eu Rezo Pelo Papa” (I pray for the Pope) is gaining international attention.

The objective is to give a public response to the Pope’s first appeal after his election last March 13, that is, “Pray for me.”

Hashtags are proposed in seven languages: In addition to #EuRezoPeloPapa and #IprayForthePope, there is Italian: #IoPregoPerIlPapa; Spanish: #YoRezoporElPapa; Hungarian: #Papaertimadkozok; French: #jepriepourlepape; German: #IchbetefurdenPapst.

The initiative was launched Sunday by the Shalom Catholic Community.