Jesuits Reminded of Their Special Bond to the Pope

VATICAN CITY, SEPT. 22, 2003 ( John Paul II reminded the Jesuits of the special bond that unites the Society of Jesus and the See of Peter.

The Pope highlighted this relationship in a message addressed to Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach, superior general of the Jesuits, on the occasion of the 69th Congregation of Procurators, being held in Loyola, Spain, birthplace of the Society’s founder, St. Ignatius.

Addressing the Jesuits who have gathered to decide if they will convoke a new general congregation, the order’s highest convocation, and to review the role of the Society, the Holy Father said: “This is an opportune occasion to better discover, starting from its origins, the charism that joins you intimately to the See of Peter.”

“St. Ignatius’ inspiration to foster ‘greater devotion to obedience of the Apostolic See’ retains its full value at the beginning of this third millennium,” he added.

“You must be witnesses and agents, in all parts of the world, of the catholicity of the Church, which is the sacrament of Christ in the midst of men,” the Pope stressed.

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