Jesus Listens in Times of Trouble, Says Benedict XVI

Comments on Psalm 144(145) at General Audience

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 8, 2006 ( Jesus always listens when we invoke him in times of difficulties and temptations, says Benedict XVI.

As is now customary in his weekly general audiences, the Pope read a meditation on one of the Psalms that appears in the Liturgy of the Hours, and then put his notes aside to explain the essence of the message he wished to give his listeners.

“In our difficulties, problems, temptations, we must not simply engage in a theoretical reflection — from whence do they come? — but must react positively, invoking the Lord, maintaining a living contact with the Lord,” explained the Pontiff, as he commented today on verses 14 to 21 of Psalm 144(145).

“Beyond that, we must cry out the name of Jesus: ‘Jesus, help me!'” the Holy Father said. “And we may be sure that he listens to us, as he is near to those who seek him. Let us not be discouraged; rather, let us run with ardor … and we too will reach life, Jesus, the Lord.”

In his meditation, offered to thousands of people gathered in Paul VI Hall, the Pope concentrated on showing and describing the “affectionate” love of God, which he “reserves in a special way for the poor and the weak.”

Stooping down

“Divine royalty is not indifferent or haughty, as can sometimes happen in the exercise of human power. God expresses his royalty stooping down to his most fragile and defenseless creatures,” Benedict XVI affirmed.

“In fact, above all, God is a Father who ‘upholds all who are falling’ and straightens those who have fallen in the dust of humiliation,” he added. “Living beings, therefore, are oriented to the Lord as if they were hungry beggars and he offers them, as attentive Father, the food they need to live.”

The Holy Father’s meditation continued the series of commentaries on the Psalms and canticles of the Bible that are part of vespers, the Evening Prayer of the Church. Other meditations are posted at the Wednesday’s Audience section of ZENIT’s Web page.

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