Laity Council Site Dedicated to Women

Web Page Continues Reflection From Vatican Conference

By Miriam Díez i Bosch

VATICAN CITY, MAY 29, 2008 ( There is a need for continued reflection on the complementarity of men and women, and a new Web site aims to help fill this need, affirmed an official of the Pontifical Council for the Laity.

The site launched by that Vatican dicastery is a fruit of the conference it hosted last February on “Woman and Man: The ‘Humanum’ in its Entirety.” The Vatican conference marked the 20th anniversary of John Paul II’s apostolic letter “Mulieris Dignitatem.” Benedict XVI addressed the conference participants the day it ended.

Rocío Figueroa Alvear, the pontifical council’s director of its department on women, told ZENIT that the site is a consequence of the interest shown by the 280 delegates at the conference, who said it is necessary “to continue the reflection begun there, showing at the same time the importance of tightening the links between movements, associations, and concrete individuals who work for the promotion of the dignity and mission of the woman.”

One of the objectives of the site is to “go deeper in anthropological questions, which spring from the original unity of the person, upon which is based the reciprocal relationship between man and woman,” Figueroa said. “And this, without leaving aside the reflection about the anthropological differences between the ‘feminine I’ and the ‘masculine I,” which, far from becoming an obstacle or a deep and insuperable abyss between man and woman, contributes the elements for a greater richness in the expression of the ‘humanum’ in every dimension of society.”

The site was developed with a sense of being “in ecclesia,” Figueroa said, “in company with all of the women who have gone before us in the faith with their testimony of holiness and life.”

It also aims to take into account women who suffer.

“In finding ourselves with new cultural paradigms and new challenges,” Figueroa noted, “we do not forget that there are still so many places in the world where the dignity of the woman is not recognized, and is even wounded, suffering the consequences of misery, violence and marginalization.”

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