Lech Walesa Calls for Globalized Values

BILBAO, Spain, MAY 30, 2006 (Zenit.org).- Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech Walesa warned that a globalized world without values could turn against humanity.

Walesa, president of Poland from 1990-1995 and former leader of the Solidarity labor union, discussed this issue at a press conference on the need to maintain alive transcendent values in the 21st century.

“Values should be given first place in globalization and its systems; we must educate men of conscience to be able to build the society of the future,” he said Friday.

He was in Spain for the Catholics and Public Life Day, organized by the Catholic Association of Propagandists and the San Pablo CEU University Foundation.

“The higher the technological development and the greater the dangers, the greater the need for values,” he noted.

In the context of European integration, Walesa said that “Catholics should be more active. People of faith, of conscience, must start to work because we are a majority but we are dispersed and not very active.”

Religions, particularly Christianity, have a centuries-old heritage “which enables us to live in peace,” he indicated, clarifying that “religion and politics are complementary and must not invade their domains.”